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Facebook was initially promoted when Zuck was sending the link to random people he knew via emails and that was a success. Michael, please let me spam random folks with link and we all will see what's gonna happen. 😁

michaelplzno08.09.2022 11:53 UTC
Send invites to whomever you want, I would love it if you set it up so members can invite anyone they know, like each member gets 10 invites or something?
michaelplzno08.09.2022 11:53 UTC
michaelplzno, Maybe there could be an achievement for inviting 10 people?
michaelplzno08.09.2022 12:03 UTC
michaelplzno, Also if there was a way to feature promoted content from other networks (THAT A HUMAN HAS APPROVED OF) I would love to have an "article of the day" on the side under the game logo or whatever.
abc09.09.2022 20:50 UTC
michaelplzno, generating invitation codes for regular users to spread them is good idea, i really like it
michaelplzno10.09.2022 16:13 UTC
abc, that's the way gmail started too btw
abc10.09.2022 18:56 UTC
michaelplzno, well i did not know that, i guess now i know you steal the invitation codes idea not from clubhouse and not from wechat, but from gmail
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