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michaelplzno10.09.2022 17:33 UTC
TFW your whole life is a book someone else is writing:
abc10.09.2022 18:57 UTC
michaelplzno, your entire life is the sims game being played by some n00b w/o cheat codes :P
michaelplzno10.09.2022 20:20 UTC
abc, I want the cheat code for eat and drink as much as you want but still have a low weight and abs. Is that so much to ask?
abc10.09.2022 20:49 UTC
michaelplzno, all i wish for is motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode;motherlode
michaelplzno10.09.2022 21:07 UTC
abc, I assume this is a code that gives you free cheese?
abc10.09.2022 21:13 UTC
michaelplzno, free simoleons!
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