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My favourite tea is a hemp tea, and my second favourite tea is Indian tea with the elephant image on the package. Hit Like button now to take a part in a raffle and get a chance to witn one package of Indian tea with the elephant image on it 😁 We'll decide who's winner 1 year later. I'm serious and setting a reminder in Google Calendar. Additional bonus: the package of tea has exactly 0% of English text on it, so you'll never know if (and with what) I mixed tea with.

P.S. the picture is just an attention-getter, it's obviously different from the tea package I mentioned

Bulkens13.09.2022 19:50 UTC
michaelplzno13.09.2022 21:47 UTC
too scary
abc14.09.2022 01:34 UTC
michaelplzno, don't lose your chance! hit the like button now!
michaelplzno14.09.2022 18:15 UTC
abc, plz no
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