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abc21.09.2022 04:02 UTC
test's successful
abc21.09.2022 04:03 UTC
i drew this in ms paint, michael pls rate this artwork from 1 to 10
michaelplzno21.09.2022 11:10 UTC
abc, it would make a great font, its a charming handwritten lettering.
abc21.09.2022 14:13 UTC
michaelplzno, thx, imho the "s" letter isn't good
michaelplzno21.09.2022 18:41 UTC
abc, you could do something very cute with letters that have a few variants that switch every few seconds, my old game kid the world saver could use a font like this.
abc21.09.2022 19:05 UTC
michaelplzno, yes sir
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