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**17.11.2022 Update**


✅ Version: `1.1.29`.

✅ Fixed and updated layout of the sidebar.

🔄 Updated to Bootstrap 4.6.2, may fix some bugs and add minor features related to the UI.

🔄 Started using minified version of Bootstrap CSS to improve the loading speed.

🔄 Improved behaviour of the emoji picker modal.

🔄 Improved UI of the posting form, most useful for users of mobile devices with tiny screens.

🔄 Slightly updated layout of the "Settings->Customisation" page.

🔄 Slightly updated layout of the "External links" section on the Feed, and also cleaned its' code.

🔄 Improved JS code speed, usefulness and readability on the "Settings->Customisation" page.


After working on a future big update, today I decided to release a small update with various small fixes and improvements. You may need to clear your browser's cache to see what changed.

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