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**21.11.2022 Update**


✅ Version: `1.1.30`.

✅ Fixed incorrect positioning of the "Change" button on the "Settings->Customisation" page.

✅ Fixed some buttons in Settings were anchoring to the top of the page.

✅ Fixed the "Change Password" server-side handler were incorrectly checking for the hash' length.

✅ Fixed a bug with incorrect hashes comparison when changing the password.

✅ Added some scale animation for cards on the "Settings->Main" page to improve user experience.

🔄 Updated layout of the "Change avatar" modal on the "Settings->Main" page, looks more modern, just like the file attachment modal in the posting form!

🔄 Updated layout of the Settings' pages to fit the black-and-white design.

🔄 Updated layout of the "Search" button in the header to fit the black-and-white design.

🔄 Updated layout of the profile picture on the "Settings->Main" page, now it is centered.

🔄 *Mobile version*: Updated the icon for the "Settings" link in the header.


P.S.: I wanted to mark that bug with strings comparison as a vulnerability, but calculator on the website says there's no danger at all (0.0 score). 😁

michaelplzno21.11.2022 23:25 UTC
One issue: in the upper right, the twitch links to youtube and the youtube links to twitch.
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