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**12.12.2022 Update**


✅ Version: `1.1.32`.

✅ Fixed a rare bug with incorrect posts' likes handling when user hits the "Like" or "Remove like" button.

✅ Fixed incorrect links to Twitch and YouTube in the "External links" section in the Feed (they were mixed up).

🔄 Slightly updated the logic of sending notifications if post was liked to prevent handler's crashing if the notification sender is not loaded for some reason.

🔄 Temporarily disabled the posting form on the `wall.php` page because it may work very incorrectly due to the lack of updates.

🔄 Changed colours of some buttons in the Feed.

🔄 Improved user experience with the buttons in the posting form.

michaelplzno13.12.2022 08:10 UTC
Great work! Can you add the link to our github issue page with the label "New Features/Bugs" to the upper right page? Please and thanks.
michaelplzno13.12.2022 08:11 UTC
Oh hey, the posts just appear now without that #weird popup! Great! Still would like to be able to press enter to post though.
michaelplzno13.12.2022 08:12 UTC
Oh wait, the popup is still there, hmm.
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