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❗ Just a friendly reminder, the feed does not contain posts which are more than 7 days old. They are still accessible via their links and via Wall, e.g.

michaelplzno16.06.2022 23:19 UTC
Great! Also we need special ADMIN posts!
michaelplzno16.06.2022 23:20 UTC
Eventually I want the global feed to be completely curated of the best stuff that the editorial team picks, but we still don't even have too many users so far.
The Mysterious Person17.06.2022 07:44 UTC
well, that is not very user friendly, is it? Who wants to type a web address to access an older post? 😶
abc17.06.2022 10:00 UTC
The Mysterious Person, it's not only available via URL, you can also open user's profile and click the "activity" button
The Mysterious Person20.06.2022 21:55 UTC
abc, alternatively a progresive scrolling could be implemented, grabbing paginated posts
abc21.06.2022 00:35 UTC
The Mysterious Person, oh yes, i wanted to do this but i must say that i'm quite a noob in this stuff (lol), i don't know when (and if) this feature will appear
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