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**19.12.2022 Update**


✅ Version: `1.1.34`.

✅ Security update: 1 vulnerability fixed.

✅ A lot of updates and improvements related to images uploading. Key features:

-- ✅ Added support for GIFs (static)

-- ✅ Added a new mode of uploading images which will be handy for the publishers when we'll allow to upload own games.

-- ✅ Made the code of the handler way more cleaner.

-- ✅ Fixed some debug output existed in the output of the handler.

-- ✅ Fixed a potential bug when the file received the same name as the existing one, which leaded to 421 HTTP error without saving the new file (low chance to happen tho).

-- 🔄 Images are now being compressed to 80% from the original quality.

-- 🔄 Updated the way the handler shrinks big images, also uploading a **VERY** large image is not fatal anymore.

-- 🔄 Text content from the handler now has the `text/plain` type set explicitly.

✅ Fixed margins in the "Add an image" modal.

✅ Fixed there were some debug-related alerts when attaching a YouTube video to the post.

✅ Various fixes and improvements related to the attachments section (the one where you can see the thumbnails) in the posting form.

✅ Incorrect YouTube video link while posting is not fatal anymore, the post will still be published, just without the YouTube video.

**Issue Tracker**


I was working a lot on the upcoming big update and today I paid a lot of attention related to the images publishing. I needed to improve and update the code because of some reasons related to games publishing which is coming soon. However, I decided to not only add features I needed, but also to improve the code. It looks way more cleaner and should work faster now.

There also was a vulnerability. Even though I can't see anybody actually used it, it's always good to fix such situations as soon as possible. To the best of my knowledge, nobody was actually affected by this case.

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