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**02.01.2022 Update #2**


✅ Version: `1.1.41`.

✅ Fixed default events were not prevented when using hotkeys in the posting form (e.g. `Ctrl+B` was not only making the focused text bold, but also opening the "Bookmarks" window).

✅ Fixed some bugs related to redirection from `http://` and `www.` to our `https://` version.

michaelplzno02.01.2023 17:04 UTC
It would be nice if pressing enter posted a comment :D
abc02.01.2023 18:06 UTC
michaelplzno, currently it's Ctrl+Enter and Ctrl+S, just like in the posting form. Do you think I should change it?
michaelplzno03.01.2023 15:09 UTC
abc, I guess its up to you but I'm more used to just pressing enter.
michaelplzno03.01.2023 15:10 UTC
michaelplzno, I'm used to ctrl+enter being to add a space rather than post.
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