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**20.02.2023 Update**


✅ Version: `1.2.3`.

✅ Added some additional checks related to The Utensil Drawer to prevent various server errors.

✅ Fixed server were handling URLs as file paths and not allowing to open them while trying to launch HTML5 games through The Utensil Drawer.

✅ Fixed HTML special characters were double-escaping in The Utensil Drawer.

✅ Fixed program were trying to read superfluous directory as a file in the games catalogue.

✅ Fixed some additional margins in the games catalogue.

✅ Fixed the version ID were resetting after saving the game from time to time.

✅ Fixed a bug with linking products and their developers in the database.

✅ Slightly changed the margins for the "You may also like..." section.

✅ Little changes in the code to reduce the amount of used RAM.

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