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Musical Wizardry, I made a new beat, beware of me!!! (while i was making a beat, fl studio crashed only once, yeeeeeeey)

michaelplzno21.06.2022 00:45 UTC
Oh, posting soundcloud links would be good too! I'd love to hear your beat.
abc21.06.2022 00:47 UTC
michaelplzno, it has a shitty electro guitar and a loud kicks, are you sure???
michaelplzno21.06.2022 01:21 UTC
abc, don't say your work is shitty, the secret to being an artist is to make creating art part of your daily life. Not every creation is great, but leave the critique to other people!
abc21.06.2022 18:29 UTC
michaelplzno, i did not say that you said that my work is shitty, i just alert you
michaelplzno21.06.2022 20:20 UTC
abc, I'm saying *you* should be proud of your work, don't be critical to yourself!
abc21.06.2022 21:13 UTC
[deleted comment]
abc21.06.2022 21:14 UTC
michaelplzno, if I weren't critical the world would hear my first album which I wanted to publish back in November. So glad I aborted it because after few days, when the wave of "oh I made a cool thing!" disappeared I realized that it was a pure crap and I'm not kidding nor that's an impostor syndrome!
michaelplzno23.06.2022 19:28 UTC
abc, well, its up to you what to show to the world, but everything we create is a step in the path to being the artist we want to be!
abc24.06.2022 16:28 UTC
michaelplzno, yes, it's a line of dreams and disasters
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