07.03.2023 Update


Version: 1.2.9.

API version: 1.1.

Added support for Leaderboards.

New API methods: game.get.leaderboards.checkExistence, game.get.leaderboards.name, game.get.leaderboards.dateAdded, game.get.leaderboards.dateModified, game.get.leaderboards.entriesCount, game.get.leaderboards.entriesList, game.get.leaderboards.count, game.get.leaderboards.list, game.post.leaderboards.data, game.post.leaderboards.name, game.delete.leaderboards.data, game.delete.leaderboards.leaderboard, game.delete.leaderboards.reset.

Fixed the "Download" button wasn't doing anything if the game was based on HTML5.

Fixed links to HTML5 games provided by developers were partially handled as links to AppStore, which led to saving the HTML5 games' links as null values.

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This update is really complex and is a part of current series of huge updates I work on til the end of April. Today's highlight is the support for Leaderboards which, will allow us to save your high (or low) scores on our servers! Moreover, this update brings two small fixes, both related to games. The first one's a fix for the "Download" button which wasn't doing anything if the game was based on HTML5, and the second one is a fix of similar issue in the developers' panel called The Utensil Drawer.