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**13.03.2023 Update**


✅ Version: `1.2.11`.

✅ Added the dark mode.

✅ Various stylesheet fixes and updates.

✅ Fixed unused dependency when rendering the sidebar.

✅ The server now uses less resources when a user signs up.


This update's key feature is the dark theme. You lot are now able to switch to it on the `Settings > Customisation` page. It's worth saying this feature is new and is supported not by all pages yet.

michaelplzno13.03.2023 23:59 UTC
Can you add a "Settings" button to the left menu bar under "Users" ?
michaelplzno13.03.2023 23:59 UTC
Great work!
abc14.03.2023 23:21 UTC
michaelplzno, there's a "Settings" buttom in the bottom left corner already. Should I move it next to the "Users" button and set its' width to 100%?
michaelplzno16.03.2023 13:24 UTC
abc, I understand now, I missed it somehow
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