03.04.2023 Update


Version: 1.2.18.

API version: 1.3.

API: new methods: game.get.save.dataFile, game.get.save.dataFiles, game.get.save.dataSize, game.get.save.dataTimeModified, game.get.save.dataTimeCreated, game.get.save.dirSize, game.get.save.dirTimeModified, game.get.save.dirTimeCreated, game.post.save.dataFile, game.delete.save.dataFile, game.delete.save.dataDir.

API: the game.delete.leaderboards.reset method now requires user's password.

Fixed and updated displaying of the Welcome modal on the Home page.

Fixed a recent bug with users weren't able to apply some settings.

Fixed the server was responding with the 400 HTTP code even if the request was successful when a user was applying some settings.

The server now responses with the 204 HTTP code instead of 200 on successful requests when a user applies settings.