12.07.2023 Update


Version: 1.3.1.

New Home page.

Fixed header padding on the FAQ pages.

The FAQ pages now use less server memory while generating.

Renamed the "Emails notice" FAQ page to "Notice on Emails".

Fixed non-standard usage of Bootstrap Breakpoints on FAQ pages.

Fixed font size on FAQ pages.


Our new Home page is finally here! It should've not taken that long to do this update, but due to worldwide events it's not always possible to do all the projects in time. Anyway, here's the Home page and some small updates regarding FAQ & Rules pages. They now look more nifty and use less server memory. In both cases, you'll possibly need to clear browser cache to see all the beauties of modern layout by the most magnificent and humble coder (me)! Oh, and please notice, this update doesn't affect the Feed, but the Home page non-users see, so do me a favour and log out for a second