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That chap musicalwizardry might be closer than you think...

abc08.06.2022 21:57 UTC
musical wizardry wold you teach me fl studio please 😳😳😳
abc08.06.2022 21:57 UTC
The Mysterious Person08.06.2022 21:57 UTC
abc08.06.2022 22:11 UTC
screw you
abc08.06.2022 22:11 UTC
michaelplzno08.06.2022 22:13 UTC
abc, simma down now or you'll be banned MUAHAHAHAHAHA
The Mysterious Person08.06.2022 22:13 UTC
abc08.06.2022 22:14 UTC
michaelplzno, i added a wink emoji so that message is not that toxic 😉
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