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Welcome new users! We have the mobile version up and running so you can access the site on your phone. If you are looking to get some visibility for some cool stuff just post it here and I'll repost it on all my OTHER LESS COOL social networks for you so that you get as much visibility as I can give you. Also, if you have people who you want to add to this super cool dorky weirdo network just tell me and I'll add them on. Thanks!

abc05.08.2022 01:37 UTC
I may do an announcement… Yes, the pinned posts, admin posts, how do you call them… I asked you if you want me to do it and you didn't reply :(
michaelplzno05.08.2022 01:41 UTC
abc, I looked at the admin panel and thought about it and decided that it was overkill at this point
abc05.08.2022 01:44 UTC
michaelplzno, ah, the interface is not working yet (lol), I meant I could (and still can) just post it by modifying this page via FTP…
michaelplzno05.08.2022 01:46 UTC
abc, I'll think about posting it tomorrow, I need to make images and whatnot, and I'm almost finished my manhattan so I'm pretty spent.
abc05.08.2022 01:49 UTC
michaelplzno, Manhattan? The drink? Weed is better than alcohol.
michaelplzno05.08.2022 02:02 UTC
abc, I can tell from your badge
abc05.08.2022 02:17 UTC
michaelplzno, yes, and no badges for alcohol!
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