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(08.11.22) Confused Martian

abc13.08.2022 04:00 UTC
While we all live in August, this man lives in November! I know you use different time format but I couldn't resist to say this =)
abc13.08.2022 04:01 UTC
And by the way, this is the 200th post!
michaelplzno13.08.2022 23:47 UTC
abc, ah yeah Lily mentioned that she wants to be able to like replies! (Also I use that date format because if the folders are sorted by name in windows its correctly ordered)
abc14.08.2022 00:12 UTC
michaelplzno, comments are just... a big pain. Luckily I understood that when I was working on initial version of them so they're being saved as plain html (lol) AND arrays so I'll try to export the saved comments when I'll create a new... engine(?) for comments, with better design, likes, avatars, all that stuff
michaelplzno14.08.2022 15:15 UTC
abc, keep it simple! the comments don't have to have fancy threading, I like being able to name who you are referring to and that they are one linear chunk. Just needs image/video replies, and likes for comments.
michaelplzno14.08.2022 15:16 UTC
abc, one of my design pillars for this project is that as a community as much as possible we want to all have the same global view of the SWGIO network rather than create little bubbles for each user.
abc16.08.2022 19:54 UTC
michaelplzno, I know that. This is why, for example, the Feed is the same for all users. But I really want to add threading, even if not like on Reddit, then just a basic threading so you'll see if that comment is a reply to another comment or it's a reply to a post.
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