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First exclusive drawing for this network, only people on the network can see this image! I was cleaning my apartment and my sinuses last night and I think the eye of Horace looking up with lines around the nose is inspired by that!

abc09.06.2022 17:33 UTC
abc09.06.2022 17:33 UTC
Sorry I mean very good my friend
michaelplzno09.06.2022 18:26 UTC
abc, you are on the thinnest of ice.
michaelplzno09.06.2022 21:37 UTC
We gotta have a talk about how to handle profanity: maybe there is a setting in your profile that you can flip on or off that replaces a set of common words with **** ?
abc09.06.2022 23:26 UTC
michaelplzno, i wanted to add a scan for toxic/spam posts via but you said it's overdone for now
michaelplzno10.06.2022 01:54 UTC
abc, There needs to be a way for admins to delete other people's posts and send a reson for why they are deleted. Also don't be a butthead and scare people away.
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