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Today's art was a bit more abstract, a ladder to the sun? A light bulb with an electrical cord? Exclusively on the one and only!

abc10.06.2022 13:16 UTC
Great 🤩
michaelplzno10.06.2022 13:20 UTC
abc, I can't tell if you are serious anymore, last time you were critical! I want you to be honest, friend.
abc10.06.2022 13:42 UTC
michaelplzno, it's great that this image is not posted anywhere else so random internet strangers does not see it ;-)
michaelplzno10.06.2022 14:07 UTC
abc, ok, I was just talking to Kitty and we were thinking about badges that signal a bit about if a person is a good person to talk to with a n00b question, like the HELPFUL FRAND badge that is for people who are excelent at talking to newcommers?
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