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I was just poking at the CSS and can we have the avatars for each user be 64x64 on the upper left of a post on the feed, it seems a bit small right now.


michaelplzno17.12.2022 23:20 UTC
Also for the bar on the left can we have the words for the links right alligned to the icon on the left rather than centered?
michaelplzno17.12.2022 23:20 UTC
Also when the window is shrunk the heart number and reply button don't go on the same line, PLZYES fix this.
Slothful Media17.12.2022 23:21 UTC
Consistency is key. If you look at "External links", it looks much cleaner.
michaelplzno19.12.2022 16:32 UTC
Slothful Media, yes I mean left aligned like the external links section
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