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I hope this new site takes off. But if it does, and I'm stuck as user 67 instead of 69, I'll be kinda mad.

michaelplzno11.11.2022 21:15 UTC
I'll have to talk to @abc about getting you set up as user 69 lol
michaelplzno11.11.2022 21:16 UTC
Also @abc was insistant that we have a "Japanese Maple Leaf" badge for people who like that kind of thing, lmao. Better than a checkmark huh?
joecamnet12.11.2022 04:54 UTC
michaelplzno, HA. I take what I can get. :D
abc12.11.2022 14:09 UTC
Who'll be the real lucky one is the one who'll get the 100th UID, as I plan to send a super mysterious and cool gift to this person.
Michael.wight14.11.2022 02:08 UTC
I am 69
abc14.11.2022 20:39 UTC
Michael.wight, nope 😛
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