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Lego tabletop tank game

michaelplzno13.12.2022 21:02 UTC
This looks really cool! Let me know when I can play a prototype on video.
Slothful Media14.12.2022 16:09 UTC
michaelplzno, I made this like 4 years. I'd have to take it out and blow the dust off it. It was never optimized or released.
michaelplzno15.12.2022 00:22 UTC
Slothful Media, Ijust spent the day cleaning up Speedway Heroes from 2014 so I feel ya.
Slothful Media15.12.2022 13:44 UTC
michaelplzno, I will get to this project after I'm done with Monster Factory. Huge changes to the previous demo you played, I just overhauled the camera system to be more of a freelook. No more one directional movement.
michaelplzno15.12.2022 17:00 UTC
Slothful Media, I'm excited for that, let me play the new version when its ready!
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