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I wanted to share a lot more, but the platform limits me so severely this is all I can post.

We're expanding on the original map from the demo, and implementing two others. So here's a taste of the expanded city scape.

You can find the game on itch or a link from our website!

michaelplzno17.11.2022 18:14 UTC
Got your ticket: you are right, edit is good, multiple images is good, youtube links should work if its not a short, you have to use the ui correctly. Sadly we are very limited on the manpower and budget end of things so we can't get everytyhing working on day one. Cries 5 evar.
abc17.11.2022 18:54 UTC
michaelplzno, youtube shorts are supported, too
Slothful Media17.11.2022 19:07 UTC
It's as much me being ill informed as it is me not understanding how large the team was. I am more supporting than I am critical.
michaelplzno21.11.2022 23:21 UTC
Slothful Media, me IRL:
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