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Hey , thank you for the invite key , liking the simplicity of this so far. As others have suggested and I can see it's on the to-do list , is dark mode lol. Happily will await when I can make the background darker.

Is there's a limit to how long these posts can be ? As long as it's more than 140 characters , I'm good

michaelplzno15.11.2022 22:44 UTC
I'm not sure what the post limit is right now, lmao, @ABC want to let us know? (He's the tech lead)
Ryan Booth15.11.2022 22:46 UTC
It appears to be long enough to make a decent post so that's good enough. Setup some of my profile and that was easy enough and straightforward to do. Working well so far on my phone.
michaelplzno15.11.2022 22:47 UTC
Ryan Booth, Great! I have yet to have my post hit the limit either, but its not my department!
abc15.11.2022 23:37 UTC
michaelplzno, i don't remember exactly, probably 10000 symbols
michaelplzno16.11.2022 20:25 UTC
abc, I should say we are a network of 10,000 characters for posts! That's a selling point :D
Ryan Booth17.11.2022 00:59 UTC
Ooh that's a great high amount. Not that I would intend on making a post with 10'000 characters. Still better than twitter and also no Elon Musk too. Definitely selling points
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