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Hope everyone on here is doing well . Guessing the carry on (or lack of any carry on) with twitter causing users to look elsewhere for a Social Media app, this has overshadowed this one with the likes of Hive and Mastodon. Hope the team can coexist with these apps too and give everyone a good choice of where to go to interact with other users :)

michaelplzno22.11.2022 22:59 UTC
We have a unique niche, and also our network is about promoting the best content, not the stuff that gets the most clicks. I'm confident about our chances, expecially if people are starting to diversify to new networks.
Slothful Media23.11.2022 15:07 UTC
Have you chosen a public release date @michael?
michaelplzno23.11.2022 16:45 UTC
Slothful Media, most of our dates are based around when we get stuff running. One big milestone is when users can invite friends, another is when we have some games hooked into the system that you can post your scores for. The complete package will be a game that gives you higher score when you add your friends to it. But we have to get it all running first and we only have @ABC writing the backend.
Slothful Media25.11.2022 06:32 UTC
Just curious :)
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